Alex, Approximately

Alex, Approximately

Jenn Bennett freut sich auf ihrer Website über das US-Cover ihres neuen Buches.

[...] Recently, my U.S. publisher, Simon Pulse—a division of Simon and Schuster—partnered with Barnes and Noble during the first annual national teen B-fest to offer a unique opportunity to readers: YOU got to choose the cover of Alex, Approximately. This week, Barnes and Noble unveiled the winner! I think it’s absolutely beautiful, and I’m so thrilled with it! The design was done by Regina Flath. (ARCs should be going out to reviewers/bloggers late summer 2016. The book goes on sale April 4, 2017 in North America, and should be publishing in the U.K. around the same date.)


[Bei 35 °C und strahlendem Sonnenschein in Berlin ist Prokrastinieren erlaubt.]

Berlin, 24.06.2016