Wrestling a Greased Pig in the Dark

Now, let’s get back to the notion that in a novel, something else has to happen - other than breakfast, that is. What will that ‘something else’ be, and how does the novelist go about choosing it? Usually it’s backwards to what you were taught in school, where you the process is much more like wrestling a greased pig in the dark.                                         Margaret Atwood, Curious Pursuits

Der Ringkampf mit dem eingefetteten Schwein kommt der Übersetzerin bekannt vor ....



Berlin, 27.06.2017

Die zehnte Muse

The waste-basket has evolved for a reason. Think of it as the altar of the Muse Oblivion, to whom you sacrifice your botched first drafts, the tokens of your human imperfection. She is the tenth Muse, the one without whom none of the others can function. The gift she offers you is the freedom of the second chance. Or as many chances as you'll take.

Margaret Atwood, Curious Pursuits


Zweitkorrektur von Margaret Atwoods Curious Pursuits -  und da geht es Übersetzerinnen nicht anders als Autorinnen: Schreiben, Überarbeiten, Verwerfen und von vorn anfangen.


Berlin, 08.06.2017